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  Here is a sample of some of the projects I have worked on during my free time or in school:

LDS Software

Emergency Preparedness Database - I was asked at church to put together a database to help our congregation keep track of information about our members which would be useful in an emergency. This is currently underway. An additional purpose of the application is to divide the congregation up into geographical zones which could be self sufficient and help each other in an emergency.

Church Magazine Search Application - I created this in grad school and would like to polish it up and make it available to the public, but haven't found the time.

Genealogy Tools

Genealogy tools for the Semantic Web - In graduate school, I did a little investigation on using the Semantic Web for Genealogy purposes.

Genealogy Visualizations - In my Information Visualization class, I generated some alternate Genealogy Visualizations. I am currently working on software which implements these visualizations.

Linguistic Tools

Unsupervised Parsing - In grad school, I tried parsing sentences using Minimum Description Length and various metrics from Information Theory including Mutual Information and Kullback-Leibler divergence.

Word class discovery using context clustering. - In grad school, I tried basic clustering techniques as well as Latent Semantic Analysis to cluster words into Syntactic Categories. I would like to continue this work.

Word class discovery using feature clustering. - I used basic word features including frequency, length, and position to cluster words into Syntactic Categories.

Language Identification - I created an application which given text can determine the language of the text. It currently has support for about ten languages.